XPel Paint Protection Film

Keep your vehicle’s paint safe from chips, scratches, and road debris!

Often referred to as “PPF,” Paint Protection Film is a clear urethane adhesive film that is used to protect the paint finish on a vehicle’s impact area, such as the hood and the bumper. This invisible film is strong and durable, providing protection from nicks, stone chips, abrasions and bumper scuffs.

XPEL Self-Healing Paint Protection Film is perfect for protecting high impact areas, or even doing full coverage car wraps .

Reduces Paint Chips and Bug Damage

Paint Protection Film maintains the beauty and integrity of automotive finishes on vulnerable exterior painted surfaces such as hood edges, fenders, and rocker panels and protects against stone chips, abrasion, and weathering. Fully transparent and nearly invisible, it does not alter your vehicle’s appearance.

Helps Keeps Paint Looking Like New

The most common areas to protect are the hood, fenders, and front bumper of a vehicle. Other common damage areas include the roof & A-pillars, rocker panels, rear bumper loading zones, and door sill areas.

Helps Boost Your Trade-In Value

3M film is more effective at preventing damage from rock chips and road debris more than anything else. Over a 3 or 4 year period, the film maintains its clarity, gets damaged and worn out, and is completely removable. Another advantage of 3M film is it helps increase trade values due to early protection.

Easily Applied by Our Service Department

Okotoks Honda provides a comprehensive warranty on manufacturer defects and installation warranty. The paint protection film is car wash safe but high-pressure water should be kept about two feet from edges of the film. High-pressure water can cut steel and could possibly lift film edges.

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