Okotoks Honda – Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires.

Why Switch?


Winter tires surpass all-season tires for winter driving conditions.

If you wonder whether your “all-season” tires perform well in snow and icy conditions? The answer: They do not. Winter tires outperform all-season tires in snow, rain and even on ice. They have a more assertive tread pattern and are made from a softer rubber composite. The softer composite allows the tread to squeeze around the snow, compact it, and then eject it out as the tire rotates. Some winter tires even incorporate closed-cell bubbles in the tread material. But as you drive, road friction cuts the outer layer of bubbles and “sharpens” the edges of each one. The final result is better traction, more stability in turns, and much better stopping power.


• Winter tires stay flexible in temperatures below 7°C to provide the necessary traction for cold-weather driving conditions.
• They reduce braking distance on cold, wet, ice and snow-covered roads in comparison to all-season tires.
• The traction provided by winter tires enhances the performance of anti-lock braking systems (ABS), vehicle stability assist (VSA), traction control and all-wheel drive in winter conditions.
• Industry data shows that in cold weather, a vehicle equipped with winter tires has approximately a 40% less chance of being involved in a collision versus one equipped with all-season tires.


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