Value Priced Inventory

Public Wholesale Cars are sold "As Is" or "In Reported Condition" and do not have any implied warranty at all.  You are purchasing these vehicles just like another used car dealer would purchase it.

We believe in complete transparency each vehicle in our Pre-Auction Inventory will come with a comprehensive Mechanical Fitness Assessment, you will also receive a detailed list of any possible reconditioning that may be required. Rest assured, we won't hide anything – you'll have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

These vehicles will be sold "in reported condition", meaning you have the freedom to choose whether you'd like to accept the suggested reconditioning work or take the vehicle in its current condition and do it yourself. This unique opportunity allows you to access unbeatable prices and tailor your purchase according to your preferences and budget.

What are Wholesale Cars to the Public aka Value Priced Vehicles?   
Our Value Priced Inventory consists of vehicles that have been traded in to Okotoks Honda and do not meet our criteria for going on our regular Pre-Owned lot.

What criteria do they not meet for our regular pre-owned lot?
There can be a few reasons: (1) They tend to have higher mileage than our typical used car. (2) Sometimes they will have some dents and dings on them or even minor damage. (3) They are a little bit older than most of our normal inventory.

Why does Okotoks Honda offer these type of cars to the public?
We realize sometimes people are looking for basic transportation and want to purchase a less expensive used vehicle - even if it means it may (or may not) need a little work down the road.