Valet Plus

Valet Plus Pickup & Delivery Service at Okotoks Honda in Okotoks, Alberta

Time is something you can’t get back, and it’s with that in mind that at Okotoks Honda, we offer consumers the convenience of our Valet Plus pickup and delivery service. With this unique, exclusive, and comprehensive VIP service, you can leave your vehicle to us for any service and maintenance it requires without interrupting your daily routine. Whether you are in the Okotoks, Foothills or Calgary area, feel free to find out more about our exclusive Valet Plus service and take advantage of it the next time your car needs some TLC.

At-Home Pickup & Delivery Service

Not only can we pick up your Honda from your home or work at a date and time of your choosing, we can also deliver it to you just as easily once our factory-trained technicians have treated it to the care it needs. Our Valet Plus pickup and delivery service is contactless and convenient, and if you’d like to stay in the loop as to where we’re at with your vehicle’s service, our staff will gladly provide you with progress reports and updates. The scheduling process is just as easy as our pickup and delivery, as all you need to do is select your preferences while booking your next service appointment online.

Easy, Convenient & Safe

Every step of our Valet Plus VIP service will be carried out at your convenience. We’ve made great efforts to adapt to the changing times, and we aim to maintain our excellence in customer service by tending to your vehicle without interrupting your life. When you use our convenient pickup and delivery service, we’ll accommodate your schedule and put your safety first.

We Leave You a Loaner to Drive

At Okotoks Honda, we’re committed to serving you while allowing you to enjoy life uninterrupted, which is why we’ll be happy to leave you a loaner to drive the next time you use our Valet Plus pickup and delivery service. You won’t have to travel to our dealership for your loaner, as one of our staff will leave it for you while they pick up your Honda. You can also opt out of our loaner service if you prefer, in which case we’ll simply return your car to your driveway once we’ve cleaned, serviced, and sanitized it, so you can enjoy an optimal Honda experience.

Book Your Valet Plus Pickup & Delivery Service with Okotoks Honda today.

If your Honda is due for some maintenance or a bit of TLC, you can schedule your Valet Plus call just as you would a standard service appointment through our website, and you can always reach us by phone or in person if you prefer. However you choose to contact us, we’ll treat you and your vehicle to an exclusive service that will prolong its lifespan and accommodate your schedule.

Valet Plus | Life Uninterrupted