No Fees. Ever.

We now live in a world of endless fees. They engulf us somehow and have a funny way of impacting just about every transaction that we make, no matter how big or how small.

Want to have customize your meal from your favourite restaurant delivered to your doorstep? Additional fees for that.

Booking a hotel for an upcoming business trip? Booking fee coming right up!

Buying concert tickets for that artist you’ve been dying to see? Pay that handling fee.

At some point or another, we became conditioned to sit back and accept the fact that fees were just part of the cost of doing business. That no matter the cost or senseless as they may seem, fees were a necessary charge to accept in order to eventually get what we wanted. Think we’re wrong? Well, there’s something called the “endowment effect.” 

The “endowment effect” suggests that when someone wants something badly enough and that they’re committed to it, they are likely and willing to pay more money. Well,  the endowment effect is more prevalent and capitalized upon in the traditional car buying process at a dealership.

If you have bought a car the old school way, then you probably have experienced something similar to the endowment effect. First, it starts with the high of finding the car you want. Second, you meet a salesperson who explains the vehicle’s features and price. Third, you sit in the driver seat and go for a test drive. You emotionally connect with the car and start to envision it in your garage. Yes, sales associates will join you in that excitement. Fourth, comes the hardest part of it all and that’s the back and forth negotiation on price, payment, terms and sometimes, even the trade value. Last but not least, that high is fulfilled when the offer to purchase is presented and WHAM…you are staring the offer to purchase that explains the deal you thought you were getting is now topped off with these charges you had no idea about.

Maybe it’s a several-hundred-dollar doc fee to print your paperwork, or a security program designed to make your car theft-free…heck, maybe it’s service maintenance fee to offset future purchases. In a blink of an eye, you wonder what happened to that high of buying a car. But having come this far, you really can’t turn back right?  WRONG…

At Okotoks Honda, our goal is to have you drive off without feeling ripped off.

Our family-owned promise is to never charge last-minute, hidden and secret bogus fees. That’s why continuously strive to create a transparent, up-front and clear car buying environment that doesn’t rely on unnecessary tric or mind games to earn your business. Instead, we want to empower you with a better way to buy a car. One that motivates you to buy feasibly – not fees-ably.

Our NO FUSS, NO FEES commitment means putting an end to awkward moments of talking about things you shouldn’t have to buy if we haven’t even mentioned it. It means giving you the power to  sit in the driver seat; to understand the deal, the price, the payment openly and transparently, without having to wonder what you’re really paying for. NO FUSS, NO FEES is about savings time and money; to feel comfortable and happy with the entire experience; to shop, imagine, and buy without ever worrying about fees ruining your fun.

There are a lot of places to buy a car. But there are certain places to own a car and we thank you in advance for choosing Okotoks Honda so that you can buy feasibly…not fees-ably.

Okotoks Honda is located at: 100 Northgate Boulevard • Okotoks, AB T1S 1A2
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