What is HondaLink® the Next Generation?

March 30th, 2019 by

HondaLink app

The HondaLink ® app allows you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle. It provides seamless access to connectivity, entertainment, navigation and assistance features, all is at your fingertips.The latest version of HondaLink ® is compatible with iPhones, Android and most other smartphones. At Okotoks Honda, your local Honda dealership in Okotoks, just minutes South of Calgary, we ’ll show you how to pair your phone with HondaLink ® and also go over its main features. Read on to learn how to enjoy the most out of the features the HondaLink ® app has to offer.

HondaLink ® 101

Your first step to accessing HondaLink ® suite of services is to go to your App store on your iPhone, or the Google Play store if you have an Android phone and download the HondaLink ® app. Next, you will need to pair your vehicle with HondaLink ® by entering your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or scanning the barcode (both the VIN and barcode can be found in the driver’s side door jam). Once you are connected, you will be prompted to login to your HondaLink ® account or create a new one. Then pair your phone with the vehicle Bluetooth Handsfreelink. Once the Bluetooth connection has been established, you are ready to enjoy all the HondaLink ®features

HondaLink ® Features

HondaLink interface

The HondaLink ® app is available on several Honda models. There is a plethora of features that can be accessed through the HondaLink ® app. Once your Bluetooth connection is established, select the HondaLink ® icon on your touchscreen. Touch the Help and Support menu for a features guide, roadside assistance, customer support, quick tips and more. You can access the navigation options through the Places menu. Search for places using keywords like “parks” or “museums” or select the category you desire: parking, food or gas to narrow down the search. Once your location has been selected, you will get directions to your destination. The HondaLink ® app also allows you to schedule service appointments at your convenience.

Built for You

We all have our favorite apps that we constantly use wherever we are. If you have a smartphone, you know the best ones are those that seem tailor-made specially for you. And that’s exactly how HondaLink was designed by giving you access to the information you need most.

  • Always forgetting where you parked? Use HondaLink to not only get parking reminders, but also walking directions back to your car.
  • Left your keys in a locked car? Get 24-hour roadside assistance so you don’t panic.
  • Not sure what that blue light is on your dashboard? Check the vehicle guide online and get all the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Tend to be a speed racer? Set up HondaLink to alert you when you’ve passed a certain threshhold (and save yourself the unnecessary ticket.)
  • Always changing your mind about where to go? Use the voice features to pick your next destination.

Alerts and Appointments

There’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to owning a car. Of course you know it’s important to keep up on maintenance and on vehicle recall news, but there are also hundreds of other things to do on any given day. Use HondaLink to get information about when to take your car in to be serviced, so you keep your Honda in the best possible condition. If there’s a recall on a certain part, you won’t have to read the newspaper to find out. HondaLink will tell you immediately, so you can stay safe on the road. Access information about your fuel levels, oil life, and mileage in real time, so you’re never unprepared.

Assistance from All Sides

Unlock your car, start your car, and keep track of your car straight from HondaLink. If you’re always on the go, you’re likely used to having your phone get you there. With HondaLink, you can search for places on your phone and then sync up the location to your Honda’s navigation system. You can also save your favorite places for even more convenience when you’re out and about. And if something should go wrong when you’re on the road, you’ll be able to speak to helpful folks whose sole job is to fix the problem. If there’s a collision, you’ll immediately get a call from a service representative for immediate help. Reset your data at any time with a virtual data wipe.

HondaLink even includes the opportunity to speak to personal concierge for non-emergencies. Whether you need to find the best cajun food for your weekend getaway or you just need a hotel for the night, this service lets you get everything booked in seconds. Please note that not all of these features are available for every model.

Remote Unlocking with HondaLink

Click here to download the HondaLink® Setup Guide.

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