The Power of Something Greater

Our Commitment To Something Greater

Okotoks Honda and Honda Canada’s priority is our families, associates, guests and communities. What matters now is the power of supporting our neighbours, the power of working together and the power of being there – for families, staff members, guests and our community. Our slogan “Discover the Difference” is just that; Difference. Now is the time, more than ever, that we make a difference in the lives of those we engage and interact with. We collectively have shifted our overall organizational and marketing efforts to reflect the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, building on a pledge to help our communities and customers during the outbreak. The Power of Something Greater, a multichannel effort is geared to lead, uphold and display Honda’s ethics, values and vision of how people can help each other to overcome challenges and become stronger.

We Are In This Together

The Power of Something Greater is our commitment to a comprehensive effort to institute positive change for a better future. The importance of being good corporate citizens looking after our families, staff, front-line workers, customers and our local communities as the COVID-19 pandemic limits everyday activities is a priority. As our Honda family looks to Okotoks Honda and Honda Canada as a source of trustworthy information, compassion, positivity and inspiration amid widespread uncertainties and potential economic consequences, we are committed in demonstrating a can-do spirit. When our families, friends, staff, customers and communities are allowed to return to work and the economy recovers, our efforts to sustain our organization and corporate responsibility will continue, evolve and become better as we see the world evolve.

Giving Back

More important than ever, we have adjusted our business perspective to help anyone and everyone in need. More important, we have recognized that our front lines who fight against COVID-19 are at significant risk, so we are doing whatever it takes to support them. Whether it be helping them with “First Responder & Healthcare Professional Offers” such as assistance with their Honda servicing needs, or in-store incentives towards new or used vehicles financed or leased through Honda Financial Services or as simple and being there for them in whatever capacity they need.

In conjunction with the town of Okotoks, we are committed to supporting our local businesses or non-for-profit organizations such as the Rowan House and the Okotoks Food Bank in ways in which we can give back and support those who need. While challenging due to the sensitivities of physical and social distancing, we stand by the ethics, values and integrity of Honda and commit to giving back to our community in ways in which they feel comfortable, safe and healthy.

Lastly, our staff members are empowered to actively be “virtual volunteers” to help those in need, including nonprofits and people in need in our local communities, while respecting the requirements of social distancing. This includes reaching out to local business owners and employees, nonprofit organizations, friends and community supporters to simply check in, ask of ways in which they need support and help in any virtual way we can. We understand that everyone just needs someone to be there, to talk to, to understand, to feel and to support. 

Giving back is one of Okotoks Honda’s most important core value. We have and will continue to support our community as an important part of being good corporate citizens. Our various initiatives enables our store and our people to actively invest in every community we live and serve in. We are proud to be a continuous member of large community events, and aim to maintain our continuous support to charitable organizations. Through our Giving Back initiatives, we are determined, now more than ever, to make measurable difference that our neighbours, our employees, and our guests can all be proud of. Together, we will get through this. Together, we are one.

“The replacement of fear by hope is probably the single most powerful trampoline of progress.”

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