What is Honda Sensing?

March 29th, 2019 by

In an effort to boost the safety and function of their passenger vehicles, Honda integrated the Sensing systems into select models in their current lineup. The smart sensing technology expertly controls multiple safety systems that help drivers avoid collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians and objects in the roadway. In addition, this smart system makes piloting these modern vehicles truly convenient and enjoyable for all. Understanding how this technology works can help you determine if you want your next Honda vehicle to come equipped with the interconnected Sensing systems.

Tech Rundown

The Sensing suite interlinks six smart collision avoidance and mitigation systems to facilitate rapid communication between these features. This underlying detection and communication system utilizes a series of cameras and sensors to keep a close eye on the vehicle’s exact speed and location on the roadway at all times.

Upon noticing any alarming deviations from the route or proximity to roadway obstacles, the system triggers the driver alert system or initiates the automatic correction procedures. Shared communications through the interlinked components maximizes the performance of each system, which helped the current Honda models earn high marks on crash avoidance and mitigation tests.

Interlinked Systems

The vehicles equipped with the Sensing technology suite have all six of the following systems included in their build.

Honda Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control

You can easily maintain a safe speed while driving on city streets and highways by utilizing the Adaptive Cruise Control system to its fullest. This system continually detects the distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you to automatically adjust your speed and maintain a safe following distance.

Forward Collision Warning

The Forward Collision Warning system constantly scans the area in front of the vehicle to gauge the distance between moving and non-moving objects. If a collision is imminent, the sensors activate the warning system to elicit a response from the driver.

Collision Mitigation Braking System

If your vehicle does not receive a timely response after issuing a collision warning, the Collision Mitigation Braking System activates the brakes to prevent an accident. While activating the brakes, this system continually monitors distances to assess the risk of a frontal impact and make changes on the fly.

Honda Lane Departure

Lane Departure Warning

If you attempt to switch lanes without using your turn signals, the Lane Departure Warning system will chime to alert you to the problem. This system utilizes the onboard cameras to watch the position of the lanes in relation to your vehicle.

Lane Keeping Assist

If you fail to respond to the lane departure warning alert, the Lane Keeping Assist system will activate and steer you back into your original position. This system continually monitors the white lines on the roadway to keep your vehicle safely moving forward in its own lane.

Road Departure Mitigation

Close watch of the yellow roadway lines is left to the Road Departure Mitigation system designed to keep your vehicle from drifting off the road. The system can not only steer your vehicle back into the correct lane, but also apply the brakes as needed.

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