Honda Plus Locate

Everybody wants a new vehicle, including thieves

Introducing the Honda Plus Locate Theft Recovery Device. This device is virtually undetectable by thieves and provides you with piece of mind knowing your vehicle is safe. The included Faraday box keeps your keys safe and provides an additional layer of protection.

With recovery capabilities across North America, in the event your vehicle is stolen our expert staff will work directly with local law enforcement to enact your vehicle recovery.

We provide 27/4 real time support, so you are not alone.

Our Unique Digital Technology

Many of today’s stolen vehicles are held inside metal shipping containers. Not only do we have a geo fence around 180 seaports in North America, but Honda is also the first auto maker in North America to offer you a theft-recovery solution that even recovers vehicles from inside a shipping container.

Protect your investment and personal belongings with the Honda Locate Theft Recovery System.