The First Honda Green Dealer in Foothills, Alberta

Okotoks Honda installed the only privately-owned solar panel infrastructure in 2019 to supply energy directly to their dealership and to the overall grid. It has brought clean energy and we were very proud to participate in a clean energy solution.

Our commitment to the environment extends well beyond our fuel-efficient vehicles. Our recent project was effectively designed to reduce the environmental impact of hail, windstorm and climate changes on our vehicles while creating a positive energy purpose with Solar Panels to improve our economical and green operations and lower energy costs. With the help of Sol Power and Honda Canada, we put the spotlight as the only Honda dealer in Canada to install 357 kW Solar Panels that go the extra mile – not only for our customers but more importantly our beautiful earth and environment.

When starting the project, we mapped out how to lower energy costs, reduce our environmental impact while protecting our vehicles from Alberta climate changes such as hail, windstorms, snow and sun. Based on Canadian stats, buildings account for around 45% of Canadian energy consumption and CO2 emissions, more than any other source. When it comes to increasing energy efficiency, existing guidelines don’t consider auto dealerships’ showrooms, service centres, car washes and body shops – all of which consume significant amounts of energy. That’s why we developed our SolPower energy reduction structures combined with internal energy saving program to help the overall environment, such as:1. Solar Panels
2. Efficient rooftop HVAC Equipment
3. Showroom Glass Panels and Skylight
4. High Speed Garage Doors
5. Recycling and Waste Reduction
6. Energy Efficient Windows
7. LED Lighting
8. Efficient water fixtures and rain capture systems

In addition to already having installed energy efficient lighting and overhead doors, we look forward to more forward- thinking cost-effective efficiencies in the future. Okotoks Honda is committed and dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint on the planet over the years to come.

Understanding CO2 Emissions

Honda has been driven to reduce emissions since 1948, and we’re proud to show the results of our efforts. Here’s how you can find information about the CO2 emissions of our vehicles.

Demonstrating and Experiencing the Okotoks Honda Difference