Honda Green Dealer Recognition Program

Honda Green Dealer Recognition Programs Leverage Experience to Lead Auto Industry Toward More Environmentally Responsible Dealership Operations

  • The Honda and Acura Green Dealer Recognition Programs can help Canadian auto dealers reduce their environmental impact
  • Over 150 Honda and Acura dealers across Canada have collectively reduced over 7,200 metric tons in CO2 emissions, saving them more than $1.2 million in energy costs
  • Honda will share its Green Dealer experience with dealers from fellow automakers at NADA

Since 2018, the Honda and Acura Green Dealer Recognition Programs have helped more than 150 Honda and Acura dealers across Canada collectively reduce CO2 emissions by more than 7200 metric tons. That reduction is equal to eliminating the CO2 emissions associated with the annual electricity used by over 1600 homes, or 29 million kilometres driven by Honda and Acura vehicles.

Honda will share key learnings and successes from its environmental leadership programs at the upcoming National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Show 2022 in Las Vegas.

Honda kicked off its Green Dealer Programs in 2011 in the U.S. and introduced it to Canada in 2018, to demonstrate a comprehensive approach to environmentally responsible operations that extends beyond its fuel-efficient vehicles and energy-efficient manufacturing operations. Now, the program contributes to Honda's goal to achieve carbon neutrality globally for its products and operations by 2050.

On March 11 at the NADA Show 2022, American Honda will present its Green Dealer Program learnings during the panel "The Future Dealership is Green." With the average auto dealership expected to spend 15%-20% or more on utility costs by 2030 and utility companies transitioning their pricing plans to focus on peak demand and time-of-use, Honda encourages dealers to integrate energy-efficient measures.

The voluntary Honda Green Dealer Program is structured to optimize existing and new facilities in the areas of energy performance, water efficiency and site practices. The program provides dealers with support for data collection, environmental assessment, expert advice, implementation, and results verification.

Since the program's launch in Canada in 2018, the average dealerships participating have reduced electricity use by 17% and natural gas use by 14%.

High impact dealership improvements include:

  • 7-day programmable thermostats with energy-efficient heating and cooling set points, as well as unoccupied hour setbacks
  • LED lighting fixture upgrades
  • Interior and exterior lighting controls
  • Building insulation upgrades
  • Heating, ventilation, and air condition (HVAC) upgrades which reduces total energy required for heating and cooling
  • Renewable energy installations, including solar
  • Water-efficient restroom fixtures and irrigation
  • Recycled water systems

Highlights of the Honda Green Dealer Program in Canada

The Green Dealer Program has evolved to meet the needs of its dealers and Honda's vision for a carbon-free society. Highlights of the program include:

  • In 2018, Honda Canada publicly released its free online Green Dealer Guide, a step-by-step resource for dealers to reduce their energy and water consumption while cutting overhead costs. Although it was created with dealerships in mind, any business owner can use the comprehensive guide to improve the environmental performance of their operations.
  • Through their strong efforts, four dealerships across Canada have earned the distinction of being Platinum-awarded:
    • Lombardi Honda, Montreal QC
    • Okotoks Honda, Okotoks AB
    • Colonial Honda, Halifax NS
    • Kawartha Lakes Honda, Lindsay ON

Okotoks Honda, Okotoks AB earned the distinction of being electric grid neutral after installing a 354 kW PV system. This means that they produce as much or more energy from renewable energy sources than they consume from their local electric utilities over a one-year measurement period.