International Students and Grad Programs

Extra cash for whatever comes next.

Life after high school, university/college is full of new opportunities and new expenses, so an extra $500 could go a long way. Whatever your dreams or needs are, Okotoks Honda & Honda Financial Services is happy to offer a $500 savings on any new vehicle [1] so you keep an extra $500 in your pocket for your future.

What You Need: [3]

  1. International Students Program:

    1. Eligibility:
      1. Enrolled in an accredited program including 4 year university, nursing school, police or military school or Community College (minimum 2 year program)
    2. Documentation:
      1. Copy of Student Visa
      2. Valid driver’s license
      3. Proof of enrollment at an accredited Canadian institution.
    3. Credit Criteria:
    4. Lease or Finance term not to exceed duration of student visa.
  2. Graduate Program

    1. Eligibility:
      1. Graduates of an accredited program including 4 year university, nursing school, police or military school or Community College (minimum 2 year program.)
      2. Must have graduated within last 4 years or will graduate in next 4 months.
    2. Documentation:
      1. Copy of diploma or proof of eligibility or transcript from Registrar’s office
      2. Verifiable proof of full time employment and income or signed offer of employment
      3. Proof of monthly income sufficient to cover current obligations, expenses, and vehicle payment
      4. Valid driver’s license
    3. Credit Criteria
    4. No adverse credit history
    5. Payment cannot exceed 20% of graduate’s gross income

The Honda Graduate Program is limited to Canadian residents only.

[1] For well-qualified customers who meet Okotoks Honda & Honda Graduate Program criteria, subject to approval by Honda Financial Services (HFS). Bonus offer applies toward any 2021 or newer model year Honda when financed or leased through HFS. Only one $500 Honda Graduate Bonus offer per vehicle. $500 towards Cap Cost Reduction with the lease or purchase of a new and not previously reported retailed sold Honda vehicle. Offer currently valid and may be terminated at any time.

[2] Option to defer first payment 90 days is only available with traditional financing (not leasing).

[3] Verifiable proof of employment or firm commitment from an employer with start date no more than 120 days from date of finance contract. Must have graduated in past two years or will graduate in next six months. No adverse credit history. Master’s, Bachelor’s or Associate degree from an accredited university or college. Provide Okotoks Honda with credit and document requirements.

[4] Finance amounts are subject to approval. Upfront fees excluded from finance/lease agreement.  Down payment may be required in some circumstances.

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