Buy or Sell

Buy or Sell

At Okotoks Honda, everything is for sale & we pay above market value on car for sale. Have cash in hand within 24 hours.

We’ll value your car virtually. Buy your car with clear documentation. Give you money in person!

Thoughts: “I want to sell my car, but how can I make sure I get a good price?”

Wants: Getting a great deal on your vehicle can be tricky, that’s why we’ll value your vehicle based on its condition and its current market value.

How: Use our free car valuation tool which comes directly to our Used Car Manager and we will deliver a fair, competitive and purchase valuation guaranteed for 7 days. Ensure you provide us your VIN Number and we will get you an instant, free, no obligation quote. You can then book an appointment with our Used Car Manager to finalize the sale.

Why: Our mission is to give a competitive price for every car that’s brought to us. We guarantee that we’ll make you an offer regardless of your vehicle’s mileage, condition, or age.

*Conditions may apply. See dealer for details.