Consider a Honda Lease

January 17 2018, Okotoks Honda

Consider a Honda Lease

Okotoks Honda is here to show you that leasing is not as complicated as some dealerships might have you believe. Compare a car lease to leasing an apartment: you pay less in monthly payments than financing-to-own, and you only pay taxes on your monthly payments as opposed to the full price. At the end of your lease you may have to cover any damages but otherwise, you are free to renew your lease, try out a new vehicle, or even purchase your leased car.

In Okotoks, just ten minutes south of Calgary, car lease options don’t get much more flexible than at our dealership. We offer a variety of short-term and long-term car lease agreements with low leasing rates on all models. We are able to provide our customers with a variety of options depending on the number of kilometres you travel in a year and whether you use your vehicle for business, and there are no hidden fees to complicate the process. As a partner of Honda Financial Services, we help you lease a car that you want at a price you can afford.

Your Honda lease provides a number of other benefits including automatic GAP Protection if your vehicle is in an accident and your insurance settlement does not cover your payments, as well as no administrative, early termination or vehicle disposal fees. We have regular car lease deals, with sales that make our vehicles even more affordable. Here are 26 reasons why leasing is a great option:

  1. Don’t pay all the taxes upfront
  2. GAP protection
  3. Bankruptcy protection
  4. Tax benefit
  5. Drive a car that is always under warranty
  6. More car for the same money
  7. Lowest cost of ownership (maintenance)
  8. Joy of a new-car experience more often
  9. Confidence of driving the latest technologies and safety features
  10. The savings associated with new technology
  11. Possibility to make a profit
  12. Keep your cash/equity and invest for a profit
  13. Ability to adapt to your lifestyle needs
  14. Always owe less on a lease than a purchase
  15. Protected against monetary loss due to an accident
  16. Protected against negative press
  17. Protected against model change
  18. Protected against model termination
  19. Protected against offer and demand fluctuations
  20. Covered against a wrong choice of options, colours, etc….
  21. Lower monthly payments
  22. Guaranteed future value
  23. Eliminate the hassle of trade-in value
  24. Take advantage of the renewal program that the dealer has
  25. Add accessories at a lower monthly cost
  26. High mileage risk. The more you drive, the more you cannot afford NOT to lease.

Save money and lease a Honda vehicle from Okotoks Honda – ten minutes south of Calgary – the #1 Rated & Reviewed Honda dealership in Canada!

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