Honda Electric Vehicles

A new era of electrified Honda vehicles is on the horizon. It starts with the fully electric 2024 Honda Prologue SUV. This SUV will offer versatility and a driving range that will be on par with our current line-up of rugged SUV’s.

As its name suggests, The Honda Prologue is an introduction of what’s to come. It will be the first in our upcoming series of EV’s, leading to a 100% zero-emissions Honda lineup in North American by 2040. We are driven to a sustainable future with a focus on the environment in everything that we do!

About the Honda CR-V Hybrid

The Honda CR-V has earned a reputation as America’s best-selling crossover for over two decades. Now, the most-loved compact SUV in the country is available with a fuel-efficient hybrid drivetrain. It’s built to the same exacting standards as the standard CR-V in Honda’s Greensburg, Indiana factory, but with the added benefits of an electrified drivetrain augmenting the traditional gasoline engine. Honda is hoping that, by the year 2030, two-thirds of their new car sales will come from electrified vehicles like this one. Given the success of the CR-V, it’s clear that offering a hybrid variant is a big step in the right direction.

The CR-V Hybrid utilizes a sophisticated two-motor hybrid powertrain that allows for remarkable efficiency in its class. Cutting-edge technology inside the cabin, combined with groundbreaking standard safety features, help to make the Honda CR-V Hybrid a truly remarkable compact crossover SUV. Here’s to a brighter future. Stay in the know…

Driven to reduce emissions since 1948!

At Honda, we are continually striving to reduce our environmental impact so that future generations can enjoy the adventure of mobility while being environmentally sustainable. Our visions of blue skies for our children is ingrained in everything that we do and everything that we make. As a leading vehicle manufacturer and the largest engine manfacturer in the world, we have committed to reduce all environmental impacts from our products and business activities.

Our family-owned promise is to never charge last-minute, hidden and secret bogus fees. That’s why continuously strive to create a transparent, up-front and clear car buying environment that doesn’t rely on unnecessary tric or mind games to earn your business. Instead, we want to empower you with a better way to buy a car. One that motivates you to buy feasibly – not fees-ably.

Our NO FUSS, NO FEES commitment means putting an end to awkward moments of talking about things you shouldn’t have to buy if we haven’t even mentioned it. It means giving you the power to  sit in the driver seat; to understand the deal, the price, the payment openly and transparently, without having to wonder what you’re really paying for. NO FUSS, NO FEES is about savings time and money; to feel comfortable and happy with the entire experience; to shop, imagine, and buy without ever worrying about fees ruining your fun.

There are a lot of places to buy a car. But there are certain places to own a car and we thank you in advance for choosing Okotoks Honda so that you can buy feasibly…not fees-ably.

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