Our Okotoks Honda Upgrade Program is a program that allows you to upgrade to a safer, more reliable vehicle while keeping the same or lower monthly payment. Don't believe it? Try it. You may be surprised.

Schedule an appointment for a no obligation consultation. We'll review different options tailored to meet your budget needs. Upon mutual agreement, we'll pay your service bill when you Trade-IN & Upgrade to a new or used car.

Premium Market Value
With high demand of used cars, receive loyalty trade-in bonuses above our market value assessment.
Tailored Payment Options
With various ways to upgrade to a new or used car, we present you with tailored payment options to suit your budget needs.
Loyalty Interest Rates
With rates as low as 0.99% and eligibility for a 1% rate reduction, a new Honda isn't far fetched. Let's show affordable it can be.
Safety, Security and Technology
With new technology, features and benefits, take advantage of Honda's best value without having to pay extra for it?
Reduced Maintenance & Repair Costs
If your Honda is costing you more money in maintenance, gas and repair, the Upgrade program helps keep money in your pocket.
Brand New Features
Sit inside the new Honda Civic or CRV and see how much has changed in comfort, style, luxury and infotainment. With class leading awards and honourable mentions, the Honda isn't so far out of reach anymore.
Full Honda Factory Warranty
Nothing hurts more than having to spend money on a vehicle when you could benefit from new car warranty. Consider upgrading to a new Honda with new warranty or purchase a Honda Plus Warranty before your mileage expires.
Lower Fuel Costs & Increased Gas Mileage
With Honda's new ECO Technology, better fuel ratings and lowest cost of ownership, upgrading your current car to a new Honda may put more money in your wallet than you can imagine. You may never know your options if you don't drive a new Honda!