Discover Honda Dreams with Okotoks Honda

Whether you are shopping for a new or used car, or looking for professional auto service and repair, all of us here at Okotoks Honda are committed to providing you with a dealership experience like no other. Our top priority is to deliver the highest level of customer care, and by dedicating ourselves to the values and goals described in the Honda’s Dreams philosophy: that we continually strive to meet or exceed the expectations of our valued customers. Read on to learn more about the dreams, challenging spirit, and innovations that define all that we do here at Okotoks Honda!

A core set of values has been the key to Honda becoming the largest manufacturer of motors in the world today, and our team here at Okotoks Honda believes deeply in these values. For over 65 years Honda has held to the goal of being “a company that society wants to exist,” and that commitment to excellence, responsibility, and the power of dreams is something we are all proud of. There are five core values to Honda’s fundamental philosophy:


To dream is to be alive. Dreams define who we are, forming a positive driving force that motivates us. They cause us to imagine what could be, to seek out challenges, and to be unafraid of failure. Dreams are our commitments to future generations.


Joy is a state of being, and a conscious choice to live and work with a grateful heart for a cause greater than oneself. It is the ongoing experience of doing something worth doing for the good of each other, our customers and society.

Challenging Spirit

From the marketplace to the racetrack, in the pursuit of new technologies and new business, Honda associates have always viewed challenges as opportunities. We are energized by the unwavering quest for a better way, and we are consistently inspired to exceed the limits of imagination.


The passion of Honda associates is born of our love for society, and it drives our competitive spirit. It is evidenced by our energy, excitement, determination, and drive to advance the human experience and become the organization that society wants to exist.


Honda is comprised of individuals working for a common purpose. It is Honda’s unique focus on teamwork that makes the fundamental belief in respect for the individual so important. Respect is a belief in the highest potential of each and every human being. Respect is demonstrated by enabling associates to think, reason, and create regardless of your title or rank. Each individual’s unique and highest contributions are critical to Honda’s success.